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Veterans, Active Duty, Guard & Reserve, and Spouses

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The Purpose of This Program

MFF_200x200To say “Thank You for Your Service” to all military families by providing a straight-forward business opportunity to improve family time, get ahead in life, and earn money. If you are an honorably discharged veteran, active duty, guard or reserves (including Coast Guard), or spouse – you qualify for this program.

Why We’re Doing This – by Lonnie Helgerson, Co-Founder of IslandTime Treasures

LDH Korea 2

Lonnie Helgerson, Co-Founder of IslandTime Treasures – Operation Team Spirit, South Korea 1988

“Let me begin by saying there are no gimmicks here. As an U.S. Army veteran, I fully understand the amount of nonsense that is marketed to us everyday by people and organizations claiming to be veteran and military friendly. What you will find here is an honest opportunity to easily start a small business that you and/or your spouse can operate on a flexible basis and immediately start earning extra money.

My wife Linette and I started this business in our garage as a way to earn extra money for vacations and spend more time with our children as a family business. We certainly didn’t expect it to grow like it has, and we couldn’t be more excited than getting the opportunity to share it with you. If you like having fun, and enjoy being around kids and people, this business is for you!

We put this program together as a way for us to give back and say thank you for your service to this great country. But even more so, because we believe that this business can make a difference in peoples lives. It has certainly has for us, and we hope that it can help you too.”  - Lonnie Helgerson

Named a “Top Ten Most Promising” Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2013!

The Program – $6,500 Turn-Key with Inventory!military franchising

IslandTime Treasures provides the following benefits for all qualified veterans and their spouse. This $6,500 turn-key program (normally $12,500) includes everything you need to start your business and begin making money.

  • $6,500 franchise fee includes turn-key comprehensive start up equipment, inventory package, and territory.
  • Includes approximately $3,600 of initial sell-able retail inventory value (50% more than the normal amount).
  • Initial training & on-going support.
Three Pack Franchise Now Available – Own 3 Territories and Kits for the Price of 2!

Watsons 637x298

Meet Tommy Watson, a U.S. Army veteran (pictured with his wife Jackie) owners of IslandTime Treasures in Indian Trail, NC. They are now starting their second year of business!

“The minute I saw IslandTime Treasures, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. The flexibility of the business allows me to operate around my work and military schedules, as well tap into my military team building skills. I love it!”

- Tommy Watson, IslandTime Treasures Indian Trail, NC.

Our Model

We are in the business of making people incredibly happy! We just happen to do that by providing our guests with an awesome do-it-yourself crafting experience that provides them with a unique memorable keepsake they will have forever. The IslandTime Treasures franchise is extremely flexible in that it allows you the ability to grow the business as you desire. As a franchise owner, you begin by developing programs with schools, pre-school, daycare, camps, and birthdays. While you are building your education business, you may also operate your business at events and festivals. As you continue to grow – you may choose to build even a larger business by developing relationships with resorts, attractions, theme parks, malls and other venues.

As an IslandTime Treasures owner, your business has four profit centers:

School Art Project

School Art Project

  1. Schools, Pre-School, Daycare, and Camps - This is your primary revenue market. More and more schools (both public & private), daycare, preschools, PTO, PTA, YMCA, and camp providers are contacting IslandTime Treasures to conduct a project for class or for fundraising. Funding is continually cut for schools, and unfortunately art and extra-curricular class activities are first to go. IslandTime Treasures provides them a fun after-school program where they can learn how STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) helps them build a hands-on project.

    Themed Tea Party Birthday

    Themed Tea Party Birthday

  2. Birthday & Corporate Parties - We have parents ask us all the time about birthday parties when they see our amazing experience. You will love doing birthdays and corporate parties because they usually take very little time and effort to do. We will teach you how to collect interested parents. information, market to them, and how to efficiently conduct them. Last year, our franchise owners in Orlando provided party services to the Atlanta Braves baseball team. The team loved IslandTime so much, they invited them back again this year!

    Celtic Festival 2014

    Celtic Festival 2014

  3. Public Events and Festivals - Easy to find if you know where and what you’re looking for. Even easier to attend… All it takes is to contact the event coordinator to sign-up, pay your booth fee (which is usually quite affordable), setup, and make money. Don’t fret! We will train you in-depth on this during your initial training session. Most events and festivals you will attend are seasonal in the Spring, Summer and Fall, although many public events are held in malls and convention centers throughout the cold Winter months.

    Central Florida Zoo Easter Event

    Central Florida Zoo Easter Event

  4. Partnering With Attractions - Attractions and resorts absolutely love us! Why? Because we differentiate them from all the others and increase the guest experience at their property. Many of our IslandTime Treasures owners have part-time partnerships (some nearly full-time) where they provide our build-your-own craft experience at resorts, zoos, waterparks, retail establishments and other amazingly cool places.
Imagine Earning Nearly $3,000 at a Single Event!*

In 2013, one of our franchise owners did just that! While not every event will generate that much in sales – our franchisees enjoyed an average of $345.00 per event last year, with an average gross margin of 85-90%!

Overall in 2013, our franchise owners averaged between $43.12 – $76.66 per hour! And were having a whole lot of fun doing it!

Where in the world can you find a part-time job that pays you this much per hour?

Imagine making great money, controlling your own schedule, and getting small business tax deductions for the things you already own and pay for, such as cell phone charges, laptop expense, vehicle expense, and more.

Top Reasons to Help you Succeed!
  • Take advantage of small business tax incentives.
  • Has incredible profit margins of 85-90%.
  • Is a fun family centered business.
  • Is a mobile business with no high-dollar real estate requirements.
  • Is an affordable franchise with a low investment.
  • Is a unique, exciting, and entertaining lifestyle business.
  • Is home-based with a very low overhead.
  • Earns great great money for your family.
  • Operates on your schedule.
Top Reasons to Partner with IslandTime Treasures
  • You become part of a national brand comprised of like-minded owners – all working together as a united group.
  • Business best practices are cultivated and shared with everyone in the system.
  • We are a wholesale purchaser of supplies and products used by all franchise owners – meaning volume discount purchasing for you!
  • We are continually improving, creating, and training new operational procedures, marketing items, business collateral, and products – it’s like having someone working full-time for you on bettering the business.
  • Our proprietary products, supplies, and operations are developed (McDonaldized) for quantity application – meaning all supplies are premeasured and packaged to maximize time efficiency for operating the business.
  • You have a management team with over 70 years of national brand building experience with some of the biggest names such as Super 8 Motels, Ident-A-Kid, U.S. Lawns, and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers working with you.
The Franchise Package – Turn-Key with Inventory!

Everything you need to start is included in your comprehensive initial equipment package.

Everything you need to start is included in your comprehensive initial equipment package.

Own a Mobile Business That Can Operate Anywhere!

Enjoy the freedom of a home-based business to make money! You will receive a minimum protected territory of 200,000 in population or 30 public elementary schools, whichever is greater. This would also include all the private and charter schools, daycare, camps, retail, and attraction opportunities within that market. Your franchise investment includes a comprehensive start-up package that contains EVERYTHING you need to begin making money.

Grow Your Territory With Cool Equipment!

The Dock Cart (left) and its Bigger Brother the Treasure Cart (right).

The Dock Cart (left) and its Bigger Brother the Treasure Cart (right).

Whether you’re building additional teams for schools, daycare or camps, expanding into an attraction, or need added mobility, we have the secondary tools available to keep you growing such as our highly mobile Dock Cart and it’s larger brother the Treasure Cart!

Our Model of Success:

We’ll Get You Trained and Making Money Quickly!

  • Start-up Package includes equipment, inventory, supplies, marketing materials, and much more.
  • Setting Up Your New Business Manual to guide your through every step needed, such as business legal structure, sales tax, and more.
  • Distance learning on business setup prior to initial training.
  • 2-days Initial Training held in beautiful Sarasota, Florida.
  • Full start-up marketing assistance.

We Will Provide You With World-Class On-Going Training & Support!

  • A seasoned management team with over 70 years of building national brands.
  • On-going training and support provided by the home office.
  • Annual IslandTime family conference.
  • Online Operations Manuals.
  • Online centralized purchasing system.
  • Back office “cloud based” system includes email, owner support, operation manuals, event calendaring, contacts, and document storage.
  • Our newsletter - The Sand Paper.
  • A localized Facebook page for your business.
  • IslandTime Treasures email address.
  • On-going operational best practices sharing.
  • Telephone consultation.
  • Franchise owner “Town Hall” teleconferences.
  • Franchisee and Marketing Advisory Council.

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* As disclosed in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD – Item 19 Financial Performance Representations) These average sales figures are for the year ending December 31, 2013 for all operating franchise locations.